Woman Power

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Join us as we celebrate and discuss how we can continue to actively rediscover & lean into our power whilst embracing our sovereignty and shaping our own paths as women. We’re here to shift the mindset from passively receiving to actively discovering and gaining.

This event is for anyone who cares about human rights being observed for all, and as cultures and rights have developed and evolved, it is also for those who wish to cherish what women have been able to accomplish in that time. It is also a time to give gratitude to our foremothers who pathed the way to the freedoms and rights we have today as well as to remind people of the remaining disparities and raise our voices on those topics.

We love to celebrate the successes of the women who make up our communities, as well as learn about how we can reconnect with ourselves, our unique insights and gifts as women and how we can tap into those for our benefit. We are here to embrace another way of doing things and of being, a way that is equally important, effective and different.

Telephone: 0409943254

Event Info:

This event will take place on 2020-05-27 06:00pm at BlueRock - 16/414 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

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