The Great Aussie Hike

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The Great Aussie Hike embraces the great Aussie spirit of mates looking after each other. The Great Aussie Hike provides a unique opportunity to bring together your friends and family for this team fitness challenge as a way to reconnect, reinspire and reengage while having a lot of fun.

On April 1-2, 2022, our amazing teams will journey around the stunning Mornington Peninsula. Train together, walk together, talk together to support each other’s mental and physical wellbeing.
Our all-inclusive motto allows for different fitness levels to participate. Whether your goal is to walk 5km or 100km, we will make sure you can be part of the incredible experience the Great Aussie Hike brings.

We have developed an iconic and unique course just for our challenge – this is not a pre-established trail. Our focus has been on providing diverse scenery, magnificent views and a chance to explore some of the hidden treasures of the region.

The Great Aussie Hike offers teams of 4-6 members to select from one of the challenge distances to complete together, selecting from 30km, 43km, 57km or 100km. Team members rotate through the on-course walking roles and being a support crew member.
Some members walk the entire distance, others walk a 5km section. This allows for all members of a friendship group to be included, no matter what their level of fitness. This is also a very unique aspect of our event.

Telephone: 0493131426

Event Info:

This event will take place on 2022-04-01 02:50pm at Mornington Peninsula.

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