Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) Program Inc

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The SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning) Program is a volunteer-run, non-profit, secular organization which provides free English support and community services to the Sudanese Australian community.

The bulk of the activities operated by the SAIL Program run every Saturday morning, from mid-February until late December. SAIL offers tutoring to approximately 400 members of the Sudanese community and has a volunteer staff of about 300 people.

There are six mini-programs which fit under the SAIL Program banner:

SAIL which provides free English as a Second Language tutoring for Sudanese children and teenagers in primary and secondary school that runs on Saturday morning at all campuses.

SAIL Senior is a similar program for Sudanese adults, and also runs on Saturday mornings. SAIL Senior offers tutoring and allows students to support one another in their first language. The aim of SAIL Senior is to provide the adults with contacts to improve their English language skills and to enable them to consolidate their children’s learning at home.

SAIL Junior provides pre-school Sudanese children with the opportunity to learn socialisation skills in an English speaking environment. SAIL Junior also provides the SAIL Senior participants with some quiet time to concentrate on learning English.

SAIL Xtend provides extra-curricular short courses for school-aged SAIL participants on a rotating basis on Saturday afternoons at the Footscray, Dandenong and Sydney campuses. SAIL Xtend includes a range of activities vital to the integrated learning element of SAIL. SAIL Xtend runs after lunch on Saturdays and lasts for one hour. Examples of SAIL Xtend courses offered include ballet, soccer, painting, tennis, cooking, AFL, athletics, art and craft, pottery, bike maintenance, music lessons and krumping.

SAILAbout offers free excursions and camps to SAIL students and tutors and is another important integrated learning part of SAIL. Previous excursions include AFL games, A-League, Circus Oz, Australian Open Tennis, Wind in the Willows, films, the beach, the Pussy Cat Dolls, Rove Live, Melbourne Museum, Luna Park and Scienceworks. Excursions are followed up with worksheets and discussions at SAIL.

There are four SAIL camps each year to various parts or rural and regional Australia. SailAway, in partnership with Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse, involves more than 60 secondary SAILors for a weekend at Somers on the Mornington Peninsula. Greening Australia’s Yarralinks Tree-Planting Camp involves family groups from a specific SAIL campus for a weekend in the bush. Portland camp is a weekend hike for secondary students on the Great West Walk. Finally, the Senior Retreat is a weekend of activity and relaxation for SAIL’s adult students.

SAIL Home Help involves experienced female SAIL volunteers helping Sudanese families in crisis or in need of additional assistance through home visits for 2 hours per week. All Home Helpers must be female and must undergo a trial period at a SAIL campus first.

Every Saturday all SAIL participants are provided with a free, fresh and healthy lunch and a pick-up and drop-off.

Community and Tutor Talks occur every five weeks. A range of professionals speak at tutor in-services offering specialist advice, tutoring techniques, lesson planning and skill-renewal opportunities. For the Sudanese community, SAIL offers Community Talks designed to inform the community about issues pertinent to them including housing, health, migration, tracing lost family members and job-hunting.


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