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    HAUS MUSIK feat. Good Luck Omen

Intimately curated winter performances with a live Q&A showcasing the exceptional and diverse musical artistry of Naarm at The Motley Bauhaus. Off the back of a hugely successful first month of HAUS MUSIK, we are delighted to be back in July and to be hosting the absolute dreamy dream team that is Good Luck Omen first up for the month,… (more…)

    Tijuana Cartel supported by The Starktones

Tijuana Cartel are back on the road to promote their new Vinyl release “Bhairavis Garden’ Packed full of their epic quirkinesses. The band are on a winning streak of beats and dance floor bangers. With a massive 24 date Australian tour, Tijuana Cartel are set to rock this long list of venues before they head off to Europe and Asia.… (more…)

    Identities by Jan-Maree Oliveira

Historically, being fashionable was about perfect coordination, and following trends. While trends still mandate current fashion, there is now more importance placed on self-expression and individuality. Jan-Maree Oliveira explores the aesthetics behind mixing and matching in Identities, a collection of interchangeable earrings. Individuals can combine pieces and explore a wide variety of trends and styles through the unification of seemingly… (more…)

    The Neck: a group show curated by Bridget Kennedy

The neck, often seen as a sensual part of the body, a site of vulnerability, is also a site of strength, supporting the heavy head, a conduit to our heart and lungs, providing life-giving oxygen to our bodies, and nourishment through the ingestion of food. At a time when our planet and humanity seems to be suffocating on many fronts,… (more…)

    The Other Side

PHOTOGRAPHY, music and theatre come together this July to highlight stories rarely seen, shedding light on a destructive and demoralising way of life. Presented by Life on Hold Productions at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, The Other Side takes audiences through a photographic exhibition, matched with carefully selected music, before culminating in a play about Kate. Kate is… (more…)

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