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    Hawkeye Vintage’s Winter Premeium Luxe Sale

Hawkeye Vintage is back and has an extensive and carefully curated winter collection of premium LUXE clothing and accessories. All items are FRENCH/ITALIAN and high end brands such as MAXMARA, DIOR, CHANEL, YSL, HERMES, ESCADA, LOUIS VUITTON, CELIN, FENDI, and more! This capsule collection consists of handbags, gloves, scarves, hats, belts, coats, and vintage fur coats. Price range is from… (more…)

    MEGA Fuels Rocklea

Meet Supercars Champion, James Courtney this Saturday at the Grand Opening of MEGA Fuels at 1384 Ipswich Road Rocklea. Between 9 and 12 they are offering 99c/L Unleaded Petrol and discounted Premium Diesel – James might even fill it up for you! There'll be a free BBQ, racecars on display and giveaways throughout! Help MEGA celebrate the historic opening of… (more…)

    Ting Lim: Out On A Lim

Ever bid farewell to everything you know? Ever gone out on a limb? Ting Lim did just that when she migrated to Brisbane from Singapore. Saying goodbye to her dysfunctional family, Ting Lim braced herself for her new life ahead with her new-found freedom. In her quest for a new beginning here, she has been attacked by a bush turkey… (more…)

    Remission Impossible

After a diagnosis of bladder cancer in 2015 Scott Cohen decided to start ticking a few things off his bucket list. One of which, was trying his hand at stand up comedy. As the cancer got worse, the comedy got better, now four years on Scott is battling terminal cancer while using stand up as a form of therapy. He… (more…)

Free Problem Gambling Support Group Brisbane

A FREE SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO: • Have a safe space to share your journey with other people like you. • Continue to build up your skills in order to manage your gambling by either stopping completely or reducing your gambling. • Reconnect with your values and the things that are most important to you. • Benefit from… (more…)

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