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    RASA – Indian Comedy Show

If you'd like to come along to an interesting show that blends an unusual technique from Sanskrit Drama with modern comedy and theatre, would like to have you along to the show below. RASA COMEDY SHOW Be emotionally roller-coastered by a secret Indian performance technique. Comedian Ashwin Segkar debuts his theatrical comedy, Rasa at Wonderland Festival. Rasa moves you through… (more…)

    Four Effective Ways To Improve The World

We all desire a better world but when it comes to action, what should we do? To explore this question we invite you to join us for our keynote dinner in a room full of change-makers followed by talks and a panel Q&A from some of our most exciting speakers from the EAGxAustralia conference. 6pm: Dinner + Chats: Enjoy a… (more…)

    The Nightwatchman

MEMORY and nostalgia are key elements of The Nightwatchman at Melville Theatre, as three people move into a new chapter of their lives. Written by Daniel Keene and directed by Siobhán O’Gara, the play follows a brother and sister as they return to their family home to help their now-blind father move into an elderly care facility. As they assemble… (more…)

    Melbourne Fashion Week AGELESS STYLE Be You, Be Fabulous!

Renowned Melbourne stylist Sally Mackinnon, and designer and maker Sarah Conners, invite you to an evening of AGELESS STYLE. Sally and Sarah believe that age only matters if you are cheese or wine and are passionate about women finding their style and confidence regardless of age. To celebrate Melbourne Fashion Week they have brought together a panel of Melbourne women… (more…)

    Glen Huntly Primary School Twilight Fete

Come one and all to a terrific afternoon and evening of entertainment, rides, stalls and Diwali celebrations – don’t miss your chance to join in the fun with all funds raised going into school and student programs. A friendly community Fete with everything you expect from a school with a great and unmatched vibe. Kick back, let the kids play,… (more…)

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