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    Hula Hooping Workshop

Hula hooping is a fantastic form of expressive movement and is a great way to keep fit. Have you ever wanted to learn? Or are you keen to brush up on your spinning skills? Hula hooping is gaining popularity around the world as both a form of dance and as a fitness regime, not to mention it's loads of fun!… (more…)

    Alphamama – Queen Cxnt Theatre Show @ Sydney Fringe Festival

15, 16 & 18 September – Sydney Sydney Fringe Festival – The Midnight Shift Queen Cxnt Theatre Show Thursday 15th Sept: 7.30pm Friday 16th Sept: 7.30pm Sunday 18th Sept: 6.00pm 85 Oxford St, Darlinghurst ‘QUEEN C*NT’, a theatre show by God Queen Records is on its way to Sydney Fringe Festival this week, 15th, 16th & 18th Sept! Featuring in… (more…)

    Dream Catcher Weaving Workshop

Ever wanted to learn how to weave a dream catcher? How about creating your very own energy vortex? Essentially they are one and the same thing! The sacred geometrical patterns created as the dreamcatcher is woven create a vortex of energy at the centre of the web. Using prayers or mantras of intention as each knot is made you can… (more…)

    Free Open Nights

Ever wondered what goes on at The Rhythm Hut or wanted to know more about our classes? Our open nights are a perfect opportunity to check the place out, sample the classes we have on offer and get a feel for what you might like to sink your teeth into in Term 4! On the night you can expect an… (more…)

Didgeridoo Vibrational Healing

Lie down, breathe and be open to allowing yourself to go on a healing journey within. As we are all energy beings, our natural vibration can become unbalanced, sometimes causing spiritual, physical and/or emotional unbalance. A sound healing assists our innate ability to bring balance, adjust and heal ourselves. Using tools such as Didgeridoo, voice, medicine drum and flute, Ian… (more…)

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