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The Marvellous Hearts – When Captain Bluetongue of Sydney duo the Blues Preachers embarked on his new project it was a case of following his heart. The seasoned musician, who has performed at festivals all over Australia, including Byron Bay Bluesfest, the Woodford Folk Festival, the Blue Mountains Music Festival and the Gympie Muster, wrote a bunch of songs that felt like they needed a new home and so the Marvellous Hearts were born.

At first the Captain, thought he’d just hire a few musicians to record the tracks, but the more people heard about the project, the more they wanted to get on board. Now his ragtag crew includes the talented line-up of George Rigatos on lead guitar, Hutch on drums, Danny Tsun on keys, and Katherine Vavahea on backing vocals.

They’ve been compared to the Beatles and Bob Dylan by none other than music icon Stuart Coupe, with their tracks being spun on 2ser. They’ve also had comparisons drawn to Tom Petty and the Black Sorrows and been played across the country on community radio and the ABC.

If the Blues Preachers evoked classic blues of the 1930s and ’40s, then the Marvellous Hearts take their starting point from the ’60s and ’70s. It’s a sentiment that’s reflected in their debut self-titled release. featuring songs Love is Great, Impatient World, Lovesick Rambling Blues and Babble On, as well as the recent audience favourite, Polly Wants a Cracker. Now the band are looking forward to taking their song to stages across Australia or wherever the road leads.

Benson and the Outlaws
Since returning from roaming the desert and taming rattle snakes, the legendary cowgirl Benson has rounded up a gang of Outlaws to help tell her tales of wild horses, mysterious strangers and the southern land.

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This event will take place on 2020-02-22 08:13pm at Lazybones Marrickville Sydney .

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