Communicate With Confidence: The Conversation

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Being able to communicate with confidence is much more than talking. Why? Because we use our body language, our passion (or lack-there-of), our stories and our experiences and background too.

Feelings of self doubt, insecurity and shyness can prevent us all from reaching greatness. What if we could correctly harness these and communicate confidently, effectively and to our FULLEST potential? Ooft, we'd all be unstoppable, yes?

Join Greenery & Communications, for our inaugural 'Communicate with Confidence: The Conversation' event. We are going to get down to business and chat all of the things.With several amazing guest speakers presenting and participating in a Q&A panel, it will be a day to not be missed. Irrespective of your profession or job role – a business owner, have a business idea, what to start a business but have no idea, a receptionist, a hairdresser, a nurse, a doctor, whatever your profession, we ALL need to know how to communicate. We all need to know how to communicate effectively and confidently.

Guest Speakers Announced:
Emily Bitkow & Sarah Hua – Vivra (
Kylee Collings – The Raw Baller (
Anaita Sarkar – Olivia & Co (
Giorgina Venzin – PawPaw Cafe (
Erin Green – Greenery & Co (

So, what is in it for you? Excellent question! Each guest will receive a drink on arrival, there will be delicious drool-worthy, instagrammable grazing platters throughout and an afternoon of promised no BS insight into what life is really like when running a business, starting a business, having a family, and juggling 5'201 things at once. You will leave this event knowing that you hold the cards, not your boss, your parents, or your anxiety; YOU.

As we all know, one of our favourite terms is 'TREAT YO'SELF' so of course there must be more. Here at G&C we like to do things a lil' differently. Instead of receiving a goodie bag FULL of paper, we are sending out electronic goodie bags! OOH LA LA. Each attendee on the day will receive a list of speakers and their respective businesses, discount codes to use *FIST PUMP* including our sponsors from the day.

Um, what else? Each attendee will receive a free 15 minute consultation with Erin, Head Honcho at Greenery & Co (T&C's in ticket info*). There will also be a MAJOR lucky door prize and randomly drawn prizes throughout the afternoon. Our go-to photographer (@taylameyerscreative) will be papping all afternoon so make sure you dress for the occasion.

See you there x

Telephone: 0423100101

Event Info:

This event will take place on 2019-09-21 01:30pm at Paw Paw Cafe, Wooloongabba.

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