Black Forest Butoh Performance

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Black Forest includes performances, a photo exhibition and installation presented by iLiminal Butoh Collective.

“iLiMiINAL” Butoh Collective is created by Butoh dancers from Spain, Finland, Taiwan, U.S.A and Australia. Come join us as we sink down to awaken the hidden depths of the collective unconsciousness.

Black Forest Performance: With the raging Fires sweeping across Australia, feelings of devastation, loss, grief, despair, and confusion amongst our people are all prevalent in these times. The Forest has burned to Black and Ash. A liminal state has crept its way into the unsuspecting psyche.There is a grey space in between, a moment of transition where the collapse of order returns one into a state of unknown, a place of pure possibility.

An eerie emptiness lingers in the Bush where once songs of active wildlife echoed through the vibrant Gums. A hollow blackened tree stands alone amongst many and it’s emptiness reminds us that all things must die. A returning to the ash that births us into our existence. It is through these harrowing experiences that we remember these natural cycles that all life derives and the creative force that renews our existence.

We want to expand and release within this dance of mystery, this Dance of Darkness.

A dance that invites you to break the limits between right and wrong, good and bad to open our consciousness into the beauty of the unknown, into the expansion of the Abyss. A dance that provokes those dark crevices that dwell hidden deep inside the human psyche. Through the embodiment and dance of the collective unconscious we will open new spaces in our sense of reality.

Come take a wild jump into the unknown, exploring these topics of life, death, rebirth and liminal states through these interactive, experimental, ritualistic dance theatre installations.

Our intention through this research is to open explore the ability to create infinite resonance through movement and become a transparent life which can spontaneously connect, play and freely resonate with anything and everything.

Join us for a spontaneous journey where the unknown force behind the life drives the movement and the creation.

Times below …

Thu. 7-830pm
Fri. 9-10:30 pm
Sat. 9-10:30pm
Sun. 7-8:30pm

Ticket: 20 AUD

Alexandra Jane Wynne (Australia), Kendra Keller (Australia), Vivien Rodriguez ( U.S.A ), Margarita Tseng ( Taiwan ), Santeri Vikström (Finland), Raúl Bartolome (Spain), James Curtin (Australia)

Douglas Taylor (Australia)

-Costume design:
Yang Yang (China)

Telephone: 0435842485

Event Info:

This event will take place on 2020-02-20 07:00pm at The Motley Bauhaus, Melbourne.

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