Welcome to the MyLifeinOz website, multicultural meeting place of Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 5 million residents of this country were born outside Australia, representing about 24% of the total population.

That one quarter of the population come from hundreds of different cultural backgrounds makes Australia one of the most multicultural countries on earth.

  • How does multiculturalism on this scale work in reality for you?
  • How do you live ‘your’ culture in Australia?
  • Does the community you live in accept you and your cultural practices?
  • How do you integrate into Australian culture?
  • What is Australian culture?
  • What are the challenges of living with two cultures?
  • Are you seen as an individual or as a member of an ethnic community?
  • Does anyone recognise the contribution you make to this country?
  • What is that contribution?
  • What are your aspirations and how are they being met?

“…We don’t all need to be the same to be Australian, that Australia by definition we are a land of migrants, and all the different colours and melting pots is a good thing and that makes a better people and a better society.” (S. Carland)

The chief aim of this website is to provide you with a platform of expression so that your life and contribution in Australia can be better understood and appreciated by those who read your story, and in turn that you would be given the opportunity to discover more about your neighbours and their story.

Paraphrasing a paper written by Woodrow Wilson in 1897, titled “On Being a Human Being“;

“If you don’t meet many people in your day to day life, sincere people you can use as a good example, you can at least read as much as you like, and look at your world, which may seem small, under the guidance of writers who have known life and loved the truth.

If you keep your eyes alert and your ears sharp, as you move among people and among books, you might find yourself filled with a new sense, that of the explorer, finding out things you never knew and adding to your understanding of life.

We lose out if we are not prepared to learn from those who have journeyed paths we will never see. Embracing the great store of wisdom and experience others have made available to us has the potential to not only make us wiser, but also make life so much more interesting! Here is the world humanity has made: will you take full citizenship in it, or will you live in it as dull, as slow to receive, as unenfranchised?”

One hundred years later Bill Clinton stood in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney and said these words:

We somehow must find a way to let our children define themselves in terms of who they are, not who they are not; in terms of what they believe, not what someone else believes; in terms of what is good inside them and what can be developed into something really beautiful, instead of what can be developed in terms of hatred, and feeling they’re better than somebody else who’s different from them.

That is the single great challenge that is keeping us from making the 21st century the era of greatest possibility in human history. And I cannot think of a better place in the entire world, a more shining example of how people can come together as one nation and one community than Australia.”


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