How To Make A Heart Sick by Heather Mac

January 19, 2021 by

"People don't like being around people like you." 

I know.

I don't like being around MYSELF.

I hate myself and I hate my life and I don't have the capacity to shake myself out of it as everyone seems to expect I should.

I wrote How To Make A Heart Sick when I finally began to piece together the fragments of my mind as an adult survivor of child abuse. I had felt shrouded in a blanket of shame and uselessness that was apparently MY fault because I was an adult who should be able to 'get over' what had happened to me. 

My book invites you to walk in the shoes of one abused child for a year and make your own judgments on responsibility for the adult child's mental health.

I wrote the book because I now know that none of 'it' was my fault and neither is/was my depression, lostness and inability to feel joy. How you raise people has consequences. Some consequences are worse than others and who is to say how child abuse affects one victim or another?

I am deeply committed to adult survivors of child abuse being understood and cared for by the curious and kind. 

And I am ever so grateful to Bessel Van Der Kolk for the book The Body Keeps The Score.

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