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June 6, 2016 by

We often quote "You are what you think." to each other; it's a phrase that trips easily off the tongue. The implication: stop thinking about the bad stuff and you'll feel better, behave better. Those of us with mental health issues (which cross over into our emotional, physical and social health) know that we cannot fix ourselves. Mental health is NOT a choice we make; our brains are affected by hard-wiring, chemistry and social circumstances in ways we cannot fathom.

Most of us with mental health issues know full well that we have them, but have no idea how to mitigate the impact on our lives or those around us. It can be difficult to find someone to talk to who understands what you are going through and therefore can help. Should we be so fortunate as to find the right help it often comes with a price-tag of note attached! We often abandon therapy because of the cost, and not because we are feeling beyond the need for it.

Some of us never get so far as a therapist even, experiencing roadblocks such as social stigma, lack of confidence, etc. 

I was therefore so pleased to come across FREE, readily available (online, text or face to face or telephone) counselling is available. I hope these will be a help to anyone out there who has not taken steps to find help because of circumstances already mentioned. 

And all the very best to you on your mental health journey. Your mind matters!!



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