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KWAYA: Swahili for choir, an organisation you want to look into!

Their aim is to establish a strong network of support between indigenous and non-indigenous singers to enable them to experience once in a lifetime opportunities in a unique musical exchange .

Whilst partaking in the Kwaya Cross-Cultural Connections Program singers and helpers will also have the opportunity through song to  
"do a little and achieve a lot" for disadvantaged women and children.

"Kwaya’s Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for individuals from different cultures to perform and engage in cross cultural musical exchanges and participate in altruistic life-changing projects.

Compassion We genuinely care and seek to make a positive difference.

Respect We admire and appreciate different qualities.

Inclusion We recognise the value of all individuals regardless of gender, age, ability, income, education, race or religion.

Unity Our collective strength leads to harmony.

Perseverance Keep on working to achieve our goals.

Supportiveness We are all here for each other."



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