Fundraiser: For the Disabled Welfare Centre Nepal, Rhythm Hut Gosford

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I am always so glad to come across beautiful community minded groups and individuals, the key reason I developed MyLifeInOz was to facilitate the dissemination of info about these groups and events so that the community at large can be made aware of how we can get involved in others lives and in so doing enrich our own. Well, here's a fantastic reason to step out on a Sunday night folks! 

For their very first 5 Lands of 2016 at The Rhythm Hut, on Sunday the 28th of Feb, 5pm onwards, a very special fundraising event is being held for 2 special little boys in Nepal.

The fundraiser will be run by Grace Mulligan one of their superstar and kind hearted drumming students.

Here’s her story, and where the funds will go:

"During my time in Nepal I stumbled upon two radiant little boys, Anamol (8), Sakul (4). Suffering with severe cerebral palsy and abandoned at birth, they were left unattended, undiagnosed and living in a destitute home with 17 other children. The home was understaffed, underfunded and the boys were extremely malnourished and dehydrated. Their health was critical, as for years their basic human needs had not been met. The smallest one was left in a corner, covered in flies and was overheating lying underneath a bed sheet. He was denied water to minimise accidents- It was a devastating reality. Months of networking with physiotherapists and doctors was made even more difficult by a lack of personal funds and background information on the boys’ condition. Additionally, a lack of willingness to facilitate appropriate care by their current ‘carers’ was a huge problem as parading these boys to well intentioned tourists had become a lucrative business. Synchronicity and chance networking led us to a wonderful care facility in Kathmandu for disabled children, The Disabled Welfare Centre Nepal. DWC Nepal is a facility full of love, that encourages growth in a safe and embracing environment twice a week, 24hour care and structured days full of reading, writing, outdoor play, art and music therapy; this home was the lifeline the boys both needed and deserved. However, it comes at a combined cost of $210.00 per month. These boys have my heart and I’m in it for the long haul. Any donations made will go directly to the care home to continue to support Anamol’s and Sakul’s monthly fees. This infrastructure is incredibly vital in a developing society like Nepal, and after spending many months there personally I am passionate about supporting its immediate and long term development. Many thanks for your support. Please feel free to Follow DWC Nepal on face book for updates of this wonderful home and their important work. Grace, xXx"

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