Love in Action

August 22, 2014 by

Life as we all know is an unpredictable thing, and along with the wonders come heartbreaks and tragedies. The death of a loved one, such a permanent loss, demands often radical adjustments emotionally and practically. 

Though others may share your grief and offer heartfelt support, time means that while you continue grieving your supporters may 'move on' with their own lives, leaving you to deal with major lifestyle and emotional adjustments on your own. It was therefore most incredibly heartwarming for me to read recently of a group of friends who have made a long-term commitment to the emotional and practical support of  a family robbed of their dad in a tragic accident on the Central Coast. 

These friends are organising bake-sales, auctions, providing the local community with ideas for helping the family out, such as:

Purchase uniform shop vouchers

Contribute to a bank account

Donate food parcels

Help at Bake sales or bake for them

What a fantastic example of love in action and not only in words!!! 

If you are out shopping on the weekend of the 4/5th of October don't forget to stop by the Erina Bunnings to meet these amazing women and purchase a delicious treat from their bake-sale that will at the same time be upholding a family in their time of need.


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