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I am the editor, in fact creator, of MyLifeInOz.
I thought I would share why it is that I have developed this site. When I had been in Australia for a mere 6 months or so I was walking on the rocks at Avoca Beach and noticed two groups of fisherman do what they loved best, but not interacting with members of the 'other' group at all. I wondered whether these men didn't associate with each other for real or for assumed reasons. There is a big difference between acting out of knowledge or acting out of prejudice and fear.
I decided that I would like to create a place where people like me, foreign and all, can share something of the positive contribution they make to the socio and economic climate of Australia, so I hope you will take the opportunity to share your unique story!
It is easy, and I am happy to answer questions if you are having difficulties . Please remember that your story will not immediately be published for moderation purposes, but it wont take long, so be sure to come back and have a look and perhaps read about others adventures in the life of an expat in Australia!

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