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November 15, 2012 by

Lentil as Anything began in 2000 at St Kilda. Its founder Shanaka Fernando was living in a tent. At the time, money was influencing the trends in the community, leaving many disenchanted. Lentil as Anything aimed to re-engage those who where left behind. It seemed that money was often a barrier to people participating. It was decided that we would have no fixed prices for food. Instead of a cash register, a box was placed on the counter. We used the money left in the box to run the restaurant. Money became a unifying force. Trust began to feel at home. The quest to prove that the inherent goodness in everyone is an abundant resource is alive and growing – with every meal.

Click on the folowing link to read about  ‘Lentil as Anything’  the philosophy behind the ideas brought into reality.

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