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Sydney has the seventh-largest percentage of foreign-born individuals in the world.

31.7% of residents born overseas (most commonly UK, New Zealand, & China followed by Vietnam, Lebanon, India, Italy, and the Philippines.) 1.1% of indigenous origin 16.9% Asian Australians.

Most common spoken languages are: English, Arabic languages, Chinese languages & Greek

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Melbourne has the largest proportion of international overseas immigrants (48,000p/a) finding it outpacing Sydney's international migrant intake of about 40 000p/a.

35.8% of its population was born overseas (most commonly UK, Vietnam, Italy, China, New Zealand followed by India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa and Sudan.)

Most commonly spoken languages are: English (68.1%), Chinese languages (3.6%), followed by Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.


23.7% (262,367) of the total population were born overseas. Most commonly UK (7.3%), Italy (1.9%), Scotland (1.0%), Vietnam (0.9%), and Greece (0.9%).

The most commonly spoken languages other than English were Italian (3.0%), Greek (2.2%), Vietnamese (1.2%), Chinese Languages (1.5%)


Has proportionally the highest population of residents born in the UK numbering 142,424 in 2006.

In 2006, the largest ancestry groups in the Perth metropolitan areas were: English ( 28.6%), Australian ( 25.6%), Irish ( 6.2%), Scottish ( 6.1%), Italian (4.5%) and Chinese (2.9%). There were 3,101 Aboriginals in the city (0.2%). By 2006, there were 18,825 South Africa–born in Perth, accounting for 1.3% of the city's people. Indian and Burmese populations are also substantial.

Most commonly spoken languages are English, Italian and the Chinese languages.


Population mainly Australian heritage (36.9%), then English (26%), Aboriginal (9.7%) Irish (8.3%), Scottish (6.8%), Chinese (3%), Greek (2.4%) and Italian (2%).

Darwin's population is notable for the highest proportional population of Aborigines of any Australian capital city.

Overseas migrants most commonly come from: UK, New Zealand, Philippines and East Timor. 18.3 percent of the city's population was born overseas, which is less than the Australian average of 22%.

English is the most commonly spoken language followed by Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Cantonese.


About 25% of the population was born overseas, namely UK, South Korea, New Zealand. Brisbane has a large Taiwanese Australian population. There are number of Greek, Italian, Eastern European, Indian, Filipino, Dutch, Spanish, German, Korean, Papua New Guinean, Fijian and other Pacific Islander communities in the city.

16.1% of households speak a language other than English as their first language. Most commonly spoken languages other than English are Chinese languages (1.9%), Vietnamese (0.9%), Italian (0.6%) and Samoan (0.5%).


In 2006 about 21.7% of the population of Canberra were not born in Australia. The majority of these came from the UK and New Zealand. About 1,2% of Canberra's population were of Indigenous descent. Recently significant numbers of immigrants have arrived in the city from China, India, Vietnam and Asian countries.

English is the most common first language (81.1%) The Chinese languages, Vietnamese, Italian and Greek are spoken by 4.8% of the population.


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