Life in a Blame Culture

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Everytime I have watched any footage of the recent riots in London I have found myself feeling sick with horror and in tears. It takes me back to being accidently caught up in a riot in London 10 years ago. What was initially a peaceful demonstration in the blink of an eye became a mass of running shouting stone throwing chaos. Some demonstrators had decided to vent their frustrations by turning over a vehicle that happened to be parked nearby, this action acted like a switch that turned the crowd into a destructive machine. The police came in on horseback and bricks were hurled out them relentlessly. Amongst this scene of horror a voice rang out: "Don't hurt the horses!"

It amazed me then, and still does, that the person behind the voice somehow thought they were expressing something that was commendable! Dont hurt the horses, but murder the cop if you can! There has been heaps of speculation about as to why the rioters are behaving as they are. It usually boils down to the excuse that they (the rioters) have been deprived in some or many ways. And I can understand that if you feel you do not have a voice lashing out is often an expression of deep frustration. What is extraordinarily upsetting is the sight of human beings acting without conscience, with a low and degrading mentality that says "I will take, I will do as I please, this is fun!"

This beast the mob is made up of individuals who give over their accountability to hide their actions in the anonymity of a crowd. What interests me is what has gone before, how have these people become so desensitised to their responsibility to their community and to society as a whole?  It makes me even more determined to ask people to reach out to each other, to hear and see each other. Dont live in it "as dull, as slow to receive, as unenfranchised!"

What can we in Australia do to safe-guard our kids from the things that might be growing in them the inclinations to be able to drop into the mob mentality without compunction?

The answer I believe is to foster COMPASSION!!


Main Entry: compassion
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: tender feeling
Synonyms: benevolence, charity, clemency, commiseration, compunction, condolence, consideration, empathy, fellow feeling, grace, heart, humaneness, humanity, kindness, lenity, mercy, softheartedness, softness, sorrow, sympathy, tenderheartedness, tenderness, yearning
Antonyms: cruelty, harshness, hatred, indifference, meanness, mercilessness, tyranny


“The future may be made up of many factors but where it truly lies is in the hearts and minds of men. Your dedication should not be confined to your own gain, but unleashes your passion for our country as well as for the integrity and humanity of mankind.”
~ Li Ka Shing

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