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    The Legend of Dunhuang 

China’s highly-acclaimed dance spectacular makes its Australian debut in 2018 The classic Chinese dance story The Legend of Dunhuang promises to thrill Australian audiences with colourful pageantry, stunning choreography and an unforgettable tale of honour, love and hope. Hailed as “The Oriental Swan Lake”, The Legend of Dunhuang is an enthralling blend of Chinese classical dance with other modern dance forms, which includes the well-known… (more…)

    Victorian Fair Trade Festival 2018 – Art Competition and Exhibition

A good sketch is worth a thousand words Calling on students from all fields to participate in the “What Fair-Trade means to You: Remove the shadow of doubt” Art Competition. Multiple exciting gifts and certificates to be handed out! All submitted artwork will be displayed at the Brunswick Town Hall during the Fair-Trade Festival, on 4th August 2018, from 10… (more…)

    Heal and Feel With Sound

Sound Healing and Forum Our relationship with musical instruments and their powerful sounds are important to explore if we’re to understand and unlock their full potential. We invite you to come with an open mind and heart, to experience a sound healing, preceded by a discussion forum between the facilitators and participants on the following topics: How can we relate… (more…)

    The Red Shoes: beloved classic British film on show

Join Nedlands Community Care from 10am, August 1, for a special screening of the award-winning classic The Red Shoes starring Moira Shearer. In the 1948 film, Shearer plays Vicky Page – an aspiring ballerina torn between her dedication to dance and her desire to love. While her imperious instructor urges to her to forget anything but ballet, Vicky begins to… (more…)

    Grape Expectations! The Future of Wine

Wine as you see it today isn’t the same drink it was 200 years ago – It’s better! Find out how scientific breakthroughs have increased wine’s longevity and made it more delicious than ever! Join enthusiastic wine-loving scientists from the Australian Wine Research Institute in an evening of wine tasting and story-telling. Explore some of the game-changing discoveries that made… (more…)

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