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October 22, 2017 by

I have spent eight years in Australia. I am an Australian citizen and very grateful for my life in this country. I moved here from the UK, where I had also lived for over 8 years, solidly, more than that on and off over a period of 15 years. I am in fact Scottish by descent but born and raised in South Africa.

Recently I returned to the country of my youth, the Rainbow Nation, Sunny South Africa, for a vacation. A proper enjoy it all as much as possible breather. And breathe I could and did. My soul recognised all that my subconscious obviously stored as familiar and comfortable and I experienced a revival of sorts, an awakening if you will, of that part of me which loves colour, noise, variety, and energy. Not to mention the satisfaction of breathing air that my body and mind rejoiced in. 

Being a constant foreigner, ie: not subconsciously 'at home' in a deep and rooted way, was stressing me out without my even being aware of the problem. Being 'home' created a frame of mind, a sense of belonging and comfort that had nothing to do with whether I was actually safe or having any kind of special moment, I simply was. And I am grateful for that experience, grateful that it's not up to me to do all the hard work in becoming a true citizen of a country, it's also up to the place to infiltrate my being, to soak into me all that is it's essence and make me one with it. 


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