Medicine misuse can happen to anyone. Are you at risk?

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We all take medicines, but too often we take them for granted. That's why it's important to be medicinewise. For 7 years, we have been encouraging Australians to get the most benefit out of their medicines.

“Medicines can be harmful if they are not taken as directed,” says Karen Kaye of NPS Medicinewise.

“For people taking multiple medicines, side effects, interactions between medicines, accidental overdosing and forgetting to take medicines can easily become issues.Be Medicinewise Week reminds Australians of the importance of getting into good habits with their medicines—from cleaning out the medicine cabinet to communicating with their health professionals about all the medicines they take and making sure these are regularly reviewed.”

Prescription medicine misuse has been declared a 'national emergency' affecting almost 1 million Australians. So it’s important to use medicines safely and according to instructions to avoid potential harm.

Did you know…
Alcohol interacts with over 150 medicines?
Codeiene-related deaths are on the rise?
1 in 10 Aussies over 14 have misused prescription pain-relievers or opioid medicines?
Sleeping pills are not useful long-term and can do more harm than good?

Simple actions can prevent medicine misuse.

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